Care for employees

During the development of our company, how can employees gain great happiness and grow together with our company? This is the important question NHU always concerns.
NHU follows the philosophy of people harmony, taking our employees as the fundamental of our company’s development, we established a comprehensive staff care system. For example, we have already established staff health physical examination system, excellent staff recuperation system, “five visits, five talk” system, mutual aid and mutual assistance system, harmonious fund, etc., these systems assure company’s care for our employees, and also create a cohesive and combat effectiveness team.
NHU strictly implements relevant labor laws and regulations and policies, standardizes employment management, equally treats all employees, establishes harmonious and sustainable relationship with employees, protects employees rights, respects employees' spare time, ensure the balance of work and life.
NHU guarantees fairness and diversification of employment. NHU attaches a great importance to our talents, actively seeking preferential policies and providing supports to non-local workers’ household, we also make a whole security policy of registering employees’ household for non-local employees aimed at making our employees work and life smoothly. By providing equal career development opportunities, female employees could get the same salary and other welfares as male at the same position. NHU respects for the old age, sincerely concerns about retired employees, visits retired employees on special holidays or at the end of the year.