Create value oriented by customers

NHU adheres to "create demand, serve customer", follows quality vision of "customer oriented", creates value for our customer, serves customer, supports customer success, meets requirements beyond customers’ satisfaction and co-development with our customers. NHU provides high quality services, pays attention to customers feedback, strictly align with our system and standards, thus we assure reliable work quality, product quality and service quality. Meanwhile, focused on customer’s demand, NHU will continuously make improvements on our work, products and service, understand and satisfy our customer’s future potential requirements, upgrade standards’ innovation and quality, create greatest value for our customers. Besides, we obeys business ethics rules actively takes responsibility for markets provides the real fair information, fairly signs and performs contracts, protects our customers’ legal rights with a high spirit, constantly enhances NHU’s reputation and value.

Create a shared win-win industry chain

Our industry chain is the soil for our company’s growth and development. Therefore, we pay attention to promoting healthy sustainable development of industry chain. During our production operation, industry chain development is an important part of business development planning, enhancing the competitiveness of industry chain, to create a fair competition and responsible supply chain, making a win-win situation with our partners. We actively set up an open cooperation platform, make full use of domestic and foreign markets, welcomed national companies, private companies and foreign companies to participate in our raw material supply team, and co-promote the entire industry chain development. Our company follows "cooperation, win-win, together" concept, cooperate with supply chain companies, continuously promote the fair competition based on procurement tender management. Supplier access, assessment and evaluation are part of our company's social responsibilities. We are promoting the implementation of social responsibility in the supply chain.