Release time:2017-06-09


NHU won National Technology Invention Awards for the second time.

The National Science and Technology Award Conference was held at the Great Hall of the People on January 09th, 2016. The leaders of Republic of China – Jinping Xi、Keqiang Li、Yunshan Liu and Gaoli Zhang attended and presented awards to the award-winning guests. The project-“Key technological innovation and industrialization for the superfine manufacture of important fat-soluble nutrients” jointly completed by NHU、Zhejiang University、Beijing Chemical University and Ningbo Engineering Academy won the second prize of 2016 National Technology Invention Awards. This is the second time for NHU to win this important award.

Carotenoids、Vitamin A、Vitamin D3 are widely used in the nutrient fortifier and feed additives. In order to make it fully effective, it must be superfine. In this project, we invented the technology to control particle size and improved the stability of this technology and increased the content of all-trans isomer, making a significant increase to the bioavailability of superfine formulations. We are the first one in the development of superfine technology for such kind of nutriment. The success of this project authorized NHU with 11 national invention patents、3 international invention patents and 2 technical appraisals in the international leading level.

The project has also brought new opportunities for the development of NHU. Currently, NHU has an annual capacity with 8,000 tons of superfine preparation pipeline. The global market share for Astaxanthin、Vitamin A、Vitamin D3 in superfine preparation increased from “0” to the world's first (35%), the world's third (25%) and 20% respectively. Application of the above invention made NHU achieve hundreds of superfine preparations in this industry, straightly leading the industry improvements for China's food additives, health products, feed additives.