NHU greatly believes the importance of R&D and includes R&D investment into company’s annual budget. Previously annual R&D investment accounted for more than 3.5% of total revenue, and recent three years increased to over5%. NHU built several research institutes, such as nation-level enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral research workstation, Fine Chemical Supercritical Reaction Technology Engineering Laboratory, provincial high-tech R&D center for fine chemicals etc., which provide a solid safeguard for product research and technology development.
Furthermore, NHU attaches great importance to the construction of scientific research conditions. NHU Research Institute covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters with production facility in the leading level such as high vacuum distillation, continuous reaction distillation, pipeline reaction, and continuous reaction in low temperature, etc. Also, NHU Research Institute is equipped with analysis instruments such as 600M and 400M NMR with ultra-low temperature probe. The multi-functional flexible pilot plant is provided with conventional reaction conditions and harsh test conditions, making it a strong platform for research, pilot, and industrialization with international advanced level.

Our resource advantages

Multi-functional pilot plant

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

Multifunctional intermediate test room