Green Development.

There is only one earth, and resources are nonrenewable.Hence, the harmony with environment is the foundation for enterprises’ sustainable development. NHU stands in awe of nature sincerely and adhere to start from the philosophy of “Green Chemistry, Responsible Care”, follow the guideline of “Root cause control, process control, end of pipe control”, introduce system of high atom economy and environment, actively explore the balance in “enterprises and nature, industry and resources”.

Green Concept

Product choose:Low emission, Low energy consumption, High added-value (VE)
Process technology:Green synthesis, Enzyme engineering, Biotechnology (for example, isophorone utilization rate is 100%; products such as Q10 take advantage of fermentation process)
Production equipment:obturation, automation, informatization, intelligence (introduce the whole technology of Dewell waste incinerator, Germany Heink intelligent centrifuge machine)

Green safeguard

Waste water treatment:Successful developed wastewater reuse zero-emission technology, introduced Germany Siemens VIR e-oxidation ditch sewage treatment technology, ensure standard discharge.
Waste gas treatment:Introduced a variety of advanced technology such as Germany Dwell RTO, Canada low temperature plasma, RCO combustion device, extraction and adsorption, realized waste reduction, re-resource, harmless.
Solid waste treatment: Solid waste standardization and standard management, strictly manage the whole process from production to identification to shift and temporary storage, harmless waste incinerator, comprehensive utilization, standardized disposal.

Exploring chemistry, improving life!

We are striving for the vision of “China NHU; World NHU”.

Green Technology

Enzyme Catalytic Process:This reaction is high efficiency, high-selectivity and high atomic utilization. During enzyme process, the reaction condition is mild, high conversion rate, less by-product, good stability. The raw material can be reduced by 280 tons/a, and reduce waste water by 1000 tons/a, energy consumption can be reduced by half, realized more than 600 million revenue per year.
Air oxidation process:This reaction is high selectivity, high activity, easy recovery, mild condition and easy control of intermediate process, it can greatly improve the reaction yield and make the process cleaner and environmentally friendly, which is helpful to reduce the cost, shorten the reaction time and improve the equipment utilization rate.
Phase transfer catalysis process:This reaction can replace expensive aprotic solvents. It is a quick reaction with mild condition, simple operation, reaction selectivity facilitation and yield improvement. It could significantly decrease the reaction time, improve the yield and reduce reaction solvent loss, and make wastewater COD decreased by 50%.

Green Achievements

Energy-saving emission reduction effect is obvious:Successful energy saving and emission reduction: the workshop emissions ten thousand yuan output of COD decreased by more than 20%, COD, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide, these four binding indicators are within 85% of the EIA approval, the overall environmental management level has reached national same industry leading level.
Per unit of output’s energy consumption is continuously deceasing:Recently three years’ ten thousand yuan output of energy consumption decreased 17%.
Significant energy-saving production:In recent years, the annual production cost saved over 100 million yuan, the production cost has been effectively controlled.
Recycle economy performance got several rewards:NHU is the first company approved by clean production audit in Shaoxing City and Xinchang County, and became the first batch of provincial clean production pilot company. NHU is honored as Top 10 of Chinese oil and chemical companies’ citizen model, China Green Chemical Special Operations Responsible Care 2012 Annual model award, excellent listed company in environmental protection inspection, Zhejiang Province “Eleventh Five-Year” energy saving work advanced collective, green company in Zhejiang province ,etc.

Recycle of Industry Chain

NHU introduces recycle economy into each step of production technology, focused on industry chain recycle, making full use of raw materials/intermediate products/by products, etc. NHU makes a lot of efforts to implement green chemistry since established. We believe, every material on the planet is useful. “Zero waste” is an innovative philosophy, modern standard objective. NHU take “zero waste” to appreciate nature and stand in awe of nature.